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Dawn- Celestial scent

Dawn- Celestial scent

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Balance energies in your livings spaces with our 100% natural hand rolled stick made using resins, machilus macranth (tree bark powder) and finest vapor-distilled or cold pressed oils.

A romantic and heady affair, this is an incense for the gods. If heaven had a smell this would be it. This is a collection of notes-the flowers, the moss, the earth and the fresh air .Each of them could be a scent category, but this combines them all to create something really special and transportive. Celestial scent is as pure as a white cloud dissolving into layers upon your abode.

Top: Cistus labdanum, Basil
Heart: Rose
Base: Oakmoss

Box contains:
50 sticks, each with a burn time of approximately 80 minutes, giving a total burn time of 65 hours.
A six sided brass burner that can hold stick at 60 and 90 degrees.

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